About “The Food Sense Program”

“The Food Sense Program” lets you start making the immediate changes that are guaranteed to dramatically improve your child’s eating habits!

It includes 3 FREE bonus products , including…

  • The “Kid-Tested Recipe Guide,” A 52-page recipe guide that is packed full of delicious AND nutritious meals — most of which take only minutes to prepare!
  • The “Food Sense Program” Success Guide And Resource Book: A comprehensive, 20-page bonus guide which includes a “food favorites” resource, a “food contract” for you and your child, and a complete “food log.”
  • “The Food Sense Program” Fun With Food Activity Book: Includes simple food-based games for your toddler, a great “food art” project for your pre-schooler, and fun food contests for your school-aged child.

“The Food Sense Program” is backed by a 12-month, 100% ‘No Questions Asked’ Money-Back guarantee.