About “Kids: The Manual”

Kids: The ManualKids: The Manual is the complete behavior resource for parents of kids aged 2 to 12. You get instant access to:

  • “Kids: The Manual” (100 pages of no-nonsense, easy-to-follow strategies for dealing with the most common behavior challenges.)
  • “Video Resource Library” (10 in-depth videos totaling over 70 minutes covering topics from sibling rivalry to mealtime battles.)
  • “Kids: The Workbook” (your 33-page fast-action guide to help you get started quickly. Charts, goal-setting resources, and more!)
  • “Reward Package” (a collection of 23 reward certificates, progress charts, and award coupons to motivate your kids!)

“Kids: The Manual” is backed by a 12-month, 100% ‘No Questions Asked’ Money-Back guarantee.

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