About the "Solve Your Sleep™ Program"

  • If you’re struggling to get yourself sleeping well through the night, here’s what’s included with Solve Your Sleep: A Complete, Step-By-Step Guide To Restful Nights:
  • The Solve Your Sleep eBook: An easy, 102-page no-nonsense guide to teaching yourself a series of proven steps that will help you fall asleep quickly at bedtime… and sleep straight through the night. (Plus, the steps to follow if you DO wake during the night to get your mind to stop spinning so you can get back to sleep fast!)
  • Quick-Start Guide & Workbook: Think of this easy-to-follow workbook as your guide to a great night’s sleep. It contains “executive summaries” of Solve Your Sleep’s most important strategies, including simple planners for things like stress reduction, sleep journalling, and much more.
  • The 12-Step Sleep Coach Video Training System: With new videos to watch every few days, you’ll have me as your personal sleep trainer. You’ll get tips on sleep hygiene, eliminating negative sleep thoughts, mistakes to avoid, and much more!
  • Guided Meditation Audio: One of the best “shortcuts” I know to a great night’s sleep is a guided mediation. Recorded to my exact specifications by one of the best in the business, it’s the same audio recording I keep loaded on my phone!
  • Two Personalized E-mail Support Sessions: If you have any questions about the Solve Your Sleep system, I’m here for you! Simply send your questions to the “members-only” e-mail address, and your questions will be answered by the next business day!
  • Access To My “Sleep Hotline”: I’ve blocked off time every week to literally sit by the phone and wait for your calls! All you need to do is call the conference call line and ask away! There are no restrictions as to how often you can call in!